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Week 1 Resources

Film 1: Bendito Machine III (6:35)

A short characterization of the depicted society: Society in this film is obsessed by technologies. Although they do not understand it – because they get the technologies from an unknown godlike source – their life (and their village) centeres around it. Every technology is brought by a member of the society, who is also dies with it, when a new one emerges. Depicted technologies are (in the following order): radio, television, computer.

Ecological implications: Instead of being active they just watch others being active. At the end the technology is in power of the whole life and supervising every action. With every emerging technology the damage (of the village) increases.

Social implications: The new technology (television) is used massively by young people. But although they get in touch, they can not be protected from the destroying influence. It is more a passive use – they are all watching – and the media decides where to go and what to do (e.g. Agenda-Setting). It even seems like the medium is some kind of (evil) entity, but when people recognize its bad influence, they fight it with another technology (maybe computers?). The impact becomes worse with every new technology. Although the one after the television (computers?) are more interactive (the user now is sitting in – instead of in front of) the machine, he/she is not able to take control. This loss of control becomes more obvious when the last technology arises – all by itself, because no one has to bring it anymore.